And be sure to check out our new target backstops on the 50 yard range.

And don't forget we now have lighting on the 50 yard range so you can keep shooting when it starts getting dark.

You can contact Don Scott (270) 590-3650 for info on the rifle and pistol ranges.     

We are already having a problem with some of the members shooting the uprights on the target backstops in two. This can happen over time but these are being shot in two in one or two days so it is obvious that the shooter is shooting at the wood uprights and cross bars.

Anyone found to be intentionally destroying these backstops will risk the loss of their membership and access to the ranges

These belong to the all of the members and are maintained by only a couple of members who are willing to dedicate their "voluntary" time to keep them up.

We can't have a couple of members destroying them in one outing at the range.

Silhouette shoots are 4th Saturday of each month at 9:00 am

At the 100 yard range. Pistols one month alternating to 22 rifles on opposite months. Check Silhouette shoot page for each months details

Just practise with some friendly competition. And meet some outstanding shooters along with some beginners.