Calendar of Events

                                                    July              Tom Fox  (270) 404-6490

02 trap practice                                                               6:00 pm trap range

05  Membership meeting & Potluck                  6:30 pm clubhouse

09 trap practice                                                              6:00 pm  trap range

14 steel plate shoot                                                     9:00 am 50 yd range

16  trap practice                                                             6:00 pm trap range

21  Maintenance/cleanup day                               8:00 am clubhouse

23 trap practice                                                               6:00 pm trap range

24  Board of Directors meeting                            6:30 pm clubhouse

28  Silhouette shoot                                                     9:00 am 100 yd range

30  trap practice                                                              6:00 pm trap range

                                        August               Billy Davis  (270)576-8555

2  membership mtg & potluck                                6:30 pm clubhouse

6, 13,20,27  Trap practice                                         6:00 pm trap range

11 Steel plate shoot                                                      9:00 am 50 yd range

25  Silhouette shoot                                                      9:00 am 100 yd range

28 Board of directors mtg                                         6:30 pm clubhouse  


  Silhouette shoots are 4th Saturday each month at 9:00 am.

  Steel plate shoots 2nd Saturday each month at 9:00 am

  Trap practise on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm


                        Weekly Memo corner        

Trap range is open on Monday evenings for trap practise. Open at 6 pm each week. Cost is $5 per round.   25 shots per round.

Even if you don't shoot trap this is a great place to meet and fellowship with other members of our organization. The kitchen is open with some of the best burgers in town and cheaper than fast food restaurants.  Stop by for supper. Clubhouse is air conditioned and a great time and place to meet and make new friends.


Steel plate challenge will be on July 14   at 9 am on the 50 yd range. For more info contact: Tiger Hall at  (270) 646-0723

and look on Rifle and pistol range page


***Check regularly for updates, range closings & previously unscheduled events  ***    Please note that the shooting ranges will be closed:                                                              July  14  9am-noon,  July 21  8 am - noon, July 28 9 am-11 am